Dual Endocrine & Psychiatric Specialization

dr-gDisturbances in mood, behavior and cognition can often be traced to overlapping psychiatric and endocrine pathology. My dual specialization in endocrinology and psychiatry, clinical acumen honed during my training at NYU, Stanford and Wash. U, and over forty years of experience gives me unique insights into the treatment of a variety of disorders.

I offer patients a comprehensive medical evaluation and differential diagnosis to exclude common biological causes of affective disorders, including neuroendocrine abnormalities, nutritional deficiencies, and autoimmune disorders. I employ tools at the cutting edge of the field, such as genotyping to reveal polymorphisms (genetic variants in the population) to guide treatment and psychopharmacologic choices.

R.S. Isaac Gardner, MD
Patient-centric care and comprehensive psychiatric and neuroendocrine evaluations.

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If you are in California and would like a consultation or further information you may contact me. (Due to license laws, I can’t consult with out-of-state patients unless they come into California.) My practice is currently located in Northern California, Sonoma County, in Santa Rosa.

Comprehensive Patient-Centered Care

doctorThe initial hour of a patient’s first session is designated for a complete evaluation of current and past issues as well as reviewing recent laboratory tests and radiological studies. The focus will be on signs and symptoms that relate to the neuroendocrine system. The first session often leads to recommendations for additional neuroendocrine laboratory studies to further evaluate the patient’s symptomatology. This is often followed by a second session to initiate discussions and suggestions for treatment using all available modalities.